The modern Wizard is Apprenticing

The modern Wizard is apprenticing under an Agile Scrum virtual working model so you can learn what reaches college to late for use in the market.

Wizards are learning what the power is all about.

Do you store energy and use power?

Do you store power and use energy?

The world has many tricks up its sleeve. That’d why you need the lessons of the Wizard to have the upper hand. We want all the Subjects to be 3 steps ahead of bad groups of people doing bad things and making life more dangerous than it has to be for no good reason.

So We Wizards take one by one and tutor you in three ways. Your completion of Plan B in 4 weeks. Your promotion of Plan B to one other you like. Helping this one other Plan Ber to find one person he or she like to be with for trust and security.

Everything is the distraction to us from the most important thing in our life, that is having a proven and tested Plan B for you and your family.

In about 4 weeks this is done. You will see the world differently from the extra peave of mind you have even when bad news is trying to breakdown your faith in people and life. What if your news was limited to 500 Km or Miles around you? You readlly can do nothing about anything farther than that. That circle is more than you need and theres a lot to explore in a 500 mile circle. Explore hicking and peace of mind.

You have to be the one to be trustworthy. We have out Plan B’s set up. It is beyond survivalist. It actually might prevent too much damage when the Plan A business or career that the overt world offered you fail. Plan B is a quiet stead paced operation. You don’t slow down others and you don’t accept no for an answer. No means are you really going to make me ask you 4 more times?

THINK I mean step int the shoes of a wizard who can spin around and smoke out of town with no difficulty and nobody bad knows where he is? What is a wizard who doesn’t have tentacles into resources that seem magically to pop out of a hat, but we know they are because of good preparation?

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