Apprentice of Deyrnas

As a Wizard of Deyrnas,
it is my humble duty
to my death and transformation
to perform the act of screening
any and all new apprentice Wizards.

Are your worthy?

  • To do this most important and humble task
  • I use my ancient skills of magic
    and my craft of  mentalism to our tantalization.
  • Yes, I tease out connection of our higher minds
  • You get a chance to dance with a spirit called truth
  • I know what you are thinking.
  • Relax and go deeper for me.
  • You can trust you will come up come up
  • with a fresh and hopeful better outlook on life
  • Let me take you down in total trust
  • and I will bring you back up with a hopeful better outlook on life.
  • Be a better person
  • be a better person starting now

As far as Wizards go

I am a young pup. Very new at this wizardy stuff.

Yet that may be to your advantage.


It may make it easier for those who are stuck

in the third realm

to relate to the Freedom

that secret Deyrnas Knowledge can bring

into your life. Freedom because…

  1. Are you a real and free thinking person?
  2. Do you want a new Deyrnas Persona (player in the game)?
  3. Are you worthy of Deyrnas Acceptance (real realm rewards)?

Discovering if you are a real person is as simple as asking you to do something that only a human could do. Demons, Devils, Apes, Gargoyles, Griffins, Dragons, Dogs, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Horses cannot do what a Wizard asks of them.

Download Lesson One.

Download Lesson Two.

Download Lesson Three.

You must be at least a bright 9-year old to download lesson one.

If you cannot download a simple first lesson and read it
then respond to the content,
it’s activities,
and answer questions,
then you will not be capable of unlocking the code to receive the next lesson.

Your journey ends at lesson one.


Spare yourself the disappointment
skip to the
enjoy the entertainment
while you learn a few essential skills of survival.

Courtesy of Deyrnas. Fuck You; The Real Good Guys.

YOU MAY only move forward in your training ONLY
after you fully understand Lesson One. YOU do want to
become a Wizard one fine day, DON’T YOU?

YOU just may need to know some of the Magic
you already possess it but you are constipated
and that could save your Deyrnas Persona in a
dramatic mythical Storyline.!

We are the only living story on earth.

backing us is Einstein Hawking and Tesla
in one time a million.
We are the collective mind offline.

Big data

Without commercial political adultery.